How I’ve learnt the biggest business lesson in my life

I’ve spent almost a year working on preparing another project and business, and in the meantime almost completely abandoned :we are micro. I didn’t [read more]

The one strategy that always gets your customers to talk about you

The short answer is: treat your cusomers better then they expect. If you treat them a lot better, you get more points. Pleasant surprises always work. When you [read more]

Do you inspire as a business?

“Do you inspire as a business?”, is a question you should be asking yourself on a regular basis. Why? Today there is a place in the business world o[read more]

It’s how you present yourself that matters

I’m not going to talk about business cards, websites, colours in your logo, though they all have something to do with it. If you look solely on them as yo[read more]

The indicatior that lets you know something is wrong with your micro business

As a micro business owner you can now create a work atmosphere you want. Something you enjoy, something your would like to have, and you can eliminate all the t[read more]

What makes your customers choose your micro business

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Being mobile and having flexible work schedules in your micro business

Micro businesses enable you to be a lot more flexible about the way you do your work and organize your schedules because of the number of people involved. Inste[read more]

Establish personal relationships with buyers to build confidence and integrity of work

In micro businesses the people you meet and work with every day matter. From a new customer that walks into your shop to a guy that delivers your merchandise. A[read more]

Leave time for personal interests, no matter what

It’s hard to leave time for anything else except your micro business after you open it. Six months in, a year, or even sometimes a few years, your busines[read more]