sorry, were openIt took almost two and half weeks to get it done, and I’m happy to report that he basic redesign of the site is done.

As you will notice yourself, it has a very different look and feel to it, it is much more organized and easier to navigate. The goal was to improve your user experience, rid the website of unnecessary elements and make it as clear as possible for the first timers as well as the regular visitors to figure out what it’s about in a few seconds and be able to get the most benefit out of the content shared on the site.

I hope you like the improvements and you are always welcome to share your opinion.

In the comming months you will continue to see some improvements, in terms of design some addition, but also in the content type because I’m planning to create a lot of new content in a different media, and with other novelties.

With every business developing, there comes a time to change and keep gradually improving. The website redesign will follow with new twitter and facebook pages and other channels you will be able to discover and connect to soon.

I hope you will enjoy :we are micro more then before and share it with your friends!


photo courtesy Karl Hab

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