Investing in your creative future

Yesterday evening I read an article by Todd Henry over at Accidental Creative that made me think about something.

Do you ever find yourself not doing the work you should be doing, but constantly trying to distract yourself or start something new? Maybe the right question would be how often do you find yourself doing that.

Every once in a while it’s ok to distract yourself, to change focus on something else. But here, I’m thinking more about the many times you know you can do the work, but you just don’t know why you are not willing to sometimes push yourself a little harder. Maybe it’s because the other thing is easier to do, or because it seems more exciting, that makes us choose one over the other.

What we don’t remember at that moment is that pushing ourselves a little to do the work we do every day is, as Todd says, investing in our future. By it, we are not only maintaining our quality of work and work habits, we are getting better at it. We are developing our skill or defining our style more.

If we constantly move from one thing to another, though, we will easily start loosing what we have accomplished by now, and what’s even more conserning is that by neglecting our work focus, we will easily fall off track which we’ll be able to see in our work, and which others will be able to notice, too.

Getting better at what we do should be our daily assignement. It doesn’t have to be anything big; even step by step takes you far, in time.

Taking on new projects is fine, when you feel like you have time to do them and when they don’t interfere with your primary work; not as a distraction, not as one more thing to do.

Next time think about investing in yourself and push yourself a little even though it seems hard. You will usually create one of your best pieces or come up with a really great idea, if you manage to regain your focus on a day like that. And it will be more than worth it.


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