If this is the first time you are visiting :we are micro, there is a good chance you don’t know where to start.

There are almost 150 articles on this site and even though they are categories, tips and videos, seeing all that for the first time can be a little overwhelming/confusing.

This quick-start guide should facilitate your search for specific information and give you a sort of a roadmap of the site.

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Make the introductions.

Learn about the micro business philosophy and find out what this site can offer you.

Read the Introduction to :we are micro.

6 Steps to a successful micro business

were designed to help any beginner in business go from initial brainstorming for ideas to a successful and growing micro business. Each part of the 6 steps

:o1 Pre-idea phase
:o2 Generating and clarifying ideas
:o3 Research and planning
:o4 Making a project
:o5 Opening a business
:o6 Development

will take you through the process of little actions you need to take to be able to achieve this outcome and gain the necessary knowlegde.

Start from the beginning or with the most read articles:

Plan how to monetize your micro business ideas
Going solo or with a partner
Free publicity. How to get media attention for your micro business
How important is visual identity for your micro business
Big micro business mistakes
How knowledgable you need to be to start a micro business
Don’t listen to other people, dare to trust yourself
Learn to talk about your business
Simple marketing strategy that works for every micro business
How to use your micro business website to land clients


Consider tips as necessary tools for every business creative in today’s world. Here you will find articles of how to improve your efficiency, nurture your creative mind, organize your work, learn about business etiquette, improve your teamwork, adopt healthy working habits, act as a professional and many other bits that will help you and your team excel and move forward in business much quickly.

You can start with some of the most read here:

“Check-in” addiction and The Importance of Being Earnest
Creative’s nightmare: backup system failed
Loose the Award for Multi-tasking
Best accomplishment of 2010


People learn in different ways, so I wanted to use all mediums to create content from which you can learn.

Some things are always easier to explain in the video format and to learn from. Those tips, as well as interesting, thought provoking and valuable speeches from conferences etc. will be found here.

Talent Watch

This is where you will find interviews with owners of successful micro business from all around Europe. They are not only packed with inpiration, but also with tons of first hand experience and tips from the guys who have made it.

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For a lazy weekend afternoon or committed afterhours download and read this manifesto. In it you will find more about the micro business philosophy, you will dive with me into motivation and benefits, gain perspective of the current micro business climate and opportunities, and even take an inside look into the metabolism of our daily life and new urban ecosystems. But most importantly, you will find inspiring words and advice from micro business owners and their micro businesses; from a small furniture company in Sweden, a bicycle maker in Demnark and a concept store in Croatia to an advertising agency, multimedia marketing company, jazz club, urban vinyl online business and more.

Download the manifesto

“How to start a micro business, from idea to opening”

If you are ready to start working on your future micro business right away and all you need is a guide, something to get you through each step, something that will not allow you to miss any crucial piece of the puzzle and from which you will be able to easily learn a lot about business even if you are a beginner, this ebook is the right resource for you.

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