Talk to an entrepreneur

Except for reaching over to friends and family for conversation about your micro business, and help, it’s imperative that you talk to a professional, a successful entrepreneur, to someone who has already opened a micro business.

Tell them your ideas, your dilemmas. Ask them to talk about their experience, mistakes and things they would do differently. You can learn a lot from a simple conversation. Try to get a new perspective; do they think your idea is smart, something that would work really good? What should you do first? But, other research is necessary, too.

Sometimes we think we got it right and that we don’t need to ask anyone anything because we are sure in where we stand. No matter what the situation is and how sure you are in what you want to create, do get other oppinions. Not to talk you out of it, but to potentially expand on it and learn the business side. Missing that step can cost you your business (time, money and belief in yourself). Reach out to someone for help. I know it usually seems hard to do it. What might surprise you is that you most people are willing to help; they want to hear what you have to say and direct you.

Where do you find those people? Find them through your friends, family members, when walking down the street. Walk into an interesting store and ask the person in it what you would like to know. Go online and discuss on forums, send a few emails. It’s as simple as that.


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