Talk to other people about your ideas

Find someone with whom you will be able to talk about your ideas, about your micro business venture. Think of your friends, maybe someone in your family, but look for the person who won’t only be willing to listen to you, but discuss it with you.

Why you need to do this is because it will make a lot more sense once you put your thoughts and ideas in front of other people. You will know whether you really believe it and if you can talk clearly talk about it, explain it in a couple of sentences. When you put it out there, you usually come up with some new conclusions. It’s a lot different from bouncing it back and forth in your head for weeks, maybe months. After the discussion, you will know if you’re idea is done or you need to work on it some more.

Other people can give you their input, too. Maybe they will inspire you, tell you what they think is good and what’s not so good. You will want to know if your idea is workable, if you will be able to gather an audience so, go to people who might be that audience and talk to them, too.

Don’t constraint yourself by only talking to your best friend. They are not the only source of wisdom available and they are even wrong sometimes (believe it or not). You need to pick a lot more brains to get the answers you need so, pick ones of your potential audience and someone with experience, too, after you bounced of ideas and others helped you clarify what is it that you want to do.


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