The difference between people who fail and people who succeed

When you come to the project, you have come a long way, but this is the most challenging part because you are deciding to take your ideas and do something concrete with them. It’s a challenge in which most people give up; and not only in launching a business, but in every day things, too. Thought, this is something that is within your control even if it doesn’t seem like it sometimes.

We get ideas every day about so many things. Most of them we never use or it never crosses our minds to act on them. Remember how many times you commented on something or someone by saying: “Why did they do it like that?! It’s obvious that this would have been so much better.” I’m not trying to say you should act on every idea you have. Sometimes you just see some things more clearn then others, but you don’t have great interest in the subject which would motivate you do something significant about it. And it’s impossible to use every idea you get. There are a lot of them that you want to do something about and that you like, but you do nothing, Have you heard people around you say something like this about an artist or anyone else: “Their work isn’t anything special. I could do it so much better.” I guess you have. Maybe the person who said that really had better ideas, richer imagination, but they didn’t do anything about it, so it makes it and them irrelevant. Only talent doesn’t win. One can have a good idea and get a lot further then one with a brilliant idea if he does something about it. The real difference between those two is that one knows how to organize himself and the other doesn’t.

Even though we see creativity as some kind of freedom and being unbound, we can’t express it if we don’t try. So, the project part is the riskiest because you need to start getting your ideas out of your head onto a paper and into a reality. But that’s when fear and doubt creep in. You start questioning will it work and whether you can do it even if you were completely sure about your ideas a few seconds ago.

There are some things you can do about this so that you do carry out your micro business project, paint a painting or solve any problem on a day-to-day basis. Carrying out your creative ideas means being productive and organized. That is why you need to establish some routines and figure out best times in a day to do certain tasks. Personally, I have discovered that I write best in the morning and that I’m best at skating late at night. The skating part is obviously contrary to common belief because how can someone do such a grueling physical activity late, when you are supposed to be tired after a day of work. Well, that’s the time I enjoy it most and when I’m the fastest. Maybe it’s just a habit or conditioning, but whatever it is, it’s important to figure out your most productive time for each activity.

My suggestion would be to create a daily routine that works for you. It’s something very basic that will help you finish all the work you need to and still leave room for plenty of spontaneity and fun. I would also suggest you do your most important work first every day so that you make sure it’s done. Later in the day, when you get caught up in other things, it’s a lot harder to make yourself do something important. You can spend your day getting inspired and thinking of new ideas, but not acting on any of them gives you only the pleasure of dreaming.

Plan your day in advance because your brain prepares you to work on it and gathers all the important information and factors while you’re sleeping. Try it, it really helps a lot. And set weekly objectives. That way you will always be moving toward the end goal by doing one thing at the time, and you will always be remainded how much you have done and where you are.

Do all of this in advance, before you launch your micro business. Even better is to start implementing this while you are working on your micro business project. If you do, you will be ready and quite productive when the launch time comes, and set for success.


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